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    Updates 23/01/10


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    Updates 23/01/10

    Post by Icarus on Sat Jan 23, 2010 7:39 am

    Hello everyone a major upGrade has been done during the night. I have installed and properly [i think] configured the ranking system script.
    so here are the badge and their powers :

    The webmaster is the Creator of the forums he has all the administrative powers that he want he is joint with the Founder and the Co-Founder he can modify everything when he wants ans he has acess to the Admin pannel. He can also create forums etc...

    The Founder have all the rights over this forums he can also Ban users as and if he wants. He can also order to close forums temporarily and also order to change some settings

    The Co-Founder is the assistant of the Founder over this forums. That is if the Founder is absent for more than 2Days, the Co-Founder get the Founder's rights over the forums. The Co-founder have also the right of banning people.

    The super moderator is the number 3 in charge of the forums. He like the alliance officer on the forums he got all the Co-founder's
    powers except banning people. They do have powers over our chat-box

    The moderator is some ranks under the Super's moderator that do not have any rights over our private area and onto the chat-box. But they can view it.

    The STFU TEAM is all our team that is onto our alliance they have ONLY access everywhere but no moderation option.

    The HoaD team get that rank assigned by the webmaster

    The V.I.P is our main guest that we have onto our forums [ this rank shall be only temporary]

    Temporarily Banned users will get this tag under their names

    Full banned users get this tag

    That's all for now hope you like it


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